Sounds from the Treetops

The Project

“Sounds from the Treetops” is Ensemble Evolution’s suite of works composed in collaboration with the iconic Treehotel in Northern Sweden. Each of the six pieces is inspired by one of the Treehotel’s spectacular treehouse guest rooms. The members of the trio each took their compositional style to two of the six pieces and the suite reflects the diverse interests and influences of each member while expressing their shared passion for percussion, sound and musical exploration.

In June 2012, the suite of six works was premiered at the Treehotel with each piece performed alongside its corresponding treehouse. The group is currently developing the six works into a multimedia performance of the Treetops suite including the sights and sounds of Northern Sweden and the Treehotel captured by videographer August Sandström.

The Music

Snippets of each work with video footage of the inspirational treehouses can be found in this playlist: (Youtube link)

The Album

“Sounds of the Treetops” was recorded in June 2012 at Studio Acousticum, Piteå, and released in February 2013. Press play below to start listening and enjoy our newest project! If you like what you hear, please consider purchasing a digital copy and help support our projects!

Performing alongside Ensemble Evolution were two special guests: soprano Anna K. Larson (Sweden) and clarinetist Angela Shankar (NY). The album was mixed by Charles Martin and Sebastian Lönberg and mastered by Sebastian Lönberg (

The Tour

At the end of their residency in Sweden, Ensemble Evolution took to the road in Norrbotten for NattMusik (Night Music), a tour celebrating sound and nature under the midnight sun. The tour took the trio along with their collaborators Anna K. Larson, Angela Occhionero and August Sandström to the Storforsen (Great Rapids) resort, Piteå’s Badhusparken (Bath house park) , Luleå’s Lillan Theatre and, finally, the Treehotel.

The tour featured a wide variety of music composed by Ensemble Evolution while in Sweden including our Solstormen (Solar Storm) suite as well as a number of works by other composers and collaborators. Videographer August Sandström beautifully recorded the atmosphere of the tour and the amazing environment of Northern Sweden in summer with this video: