Featured Track - The Bird's Nest

27 Feb 2013

This weeks track from “Sounds from the Treetops” is “The Bird’s Nest”. This track came about from Jacob’s first impressions about The Bird’s Nest treehouse at Treehotel. We talked a bit about different ways to write it down, but in the end we decided to go with a free improvisation to represent a bird landing in it’s nest to feed hungry chicks. Jake is on snare drum with brushes, Maria took woodblocks, I (Charles) got the top few notes on the xylophone and we all grabbed bundles of mallets, brushes and loose sticks from the forest around our studio to record this track. When Angela came along, we asked her to try making some _terrible _squeaks on clarinet, the worse the better.

This track was a lot of fun to perform and record and listening to it really brings me back to our studio in Studio Acusticum!

Check out the track below, it’s free to play online! If you like it, please consider purchasing the track for just $1 or the whole album for $7.