Bringing chills to Boston

28 Jun 2014

Last month, Charles and I embarked on a little side project. Charles was to attend CHI2014 (a conference focused on human-computer interaction) in Toronto, Canada to show his work with iPads. Since, in the grand scheme of things, Toronto is just a stone’s throw from Boston, it was the perfect excuse to get together! Additionally, the post-conference dates lined up with the dates for ArtWeek Boston. Stars aligned - gigging time!

Trying to think of a unique venue to pursue, I was Inspired by the new ice “concert hall” in Sweden. So, I contacted the Frost Ice Bar here in Boston. I asked them if we could do some concerts on ice instruments. They connected me to an ice artist and Frostbeat was born! We did six 20 minute performances - it was a bit chilly in there!

Next, I connected with the Scandinavian Cultural Center, and pitched to perform Charles’ works “nordlig vinter” based on those chilly winters in Piteå! We projected photos and videos from our time in Sweden and performed Charles’ music - that incorporated tons of improvisation and his iPad instruments! Here are a few videos form the event, shot by Scott Quade.

Lastly, we performed an experimental show at Outpost 186 in Cambridge to feature Charles’ work with iPads. He wrote a great blog post about it on his website.

I love being able to curate new projects with such an awesome colleague! Who knew that our experience in Sweden would inspire so many cool performances and collaborations.