On board with Grover Pro Percussion

27 Nov 2013

We are happy to announce that we are official endorsers of Grover Pro Percussion! Maria was lucky enough to meet Neil as a young undergraduate at the Ohio State University, and has been using his tambourines, triangles, and snare drums ever since! (The triangle mount happens to be her favorite item and has been used religiously for years!) When she moved to Boston Neil was one of the first people on her list to contact, and he has been an amazing mentor and listening board ever since.

As the reunion tour was taking shape, it was obvious that we wanted to use Grover woodblocks for Charles’ composition, Planks, for the Tree Sauna. Neil was kind enough to invite us to the factory, and we were able to pick the perfect trio! Not to mention, it was fantastic chatting with and learning from Neil over a yummy Brazilian lunch. After the visit, we were happy to sign the paperwork and officially endorse these great products!

At PASIC we had the pleasure of using many Grover products in our iPad/acoustic improvisation, The Birdsnest. The new musical anvils provided a perfect pallet of sounds to explore! Thanks to Neil and the gang for making this tour and the convention so memorable! We look forward to more projects in the future!

Our Birdsnest set-up at PASIC