Boston liked Evolution!

27 Nov 2013

From a feature in the Boston Globe to glowing reviews from audience members, we are proud of the work we presented while in Boston, MA. It was wild to get the gang back together! Performing for such a welcoming and responsive audience set the tone for a successful performance at PASIC 2013. Videos, more photos, and reviews coming soon!

After our residency, Pam Thompson (the manager of Adult Education at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, our main collaborator) sent this reflection to the community.

“Percussion trio Ensemble Evolution filled the lecture hall with exquisite sound. In a workshop, the group sought audience input for a composition in response to their walks in the Arboretum landscape. Several attendees were regular Arboretum visitors and able judges of how well the musical elements supported their own experiences of the landscape.

Taking elements from jazz and contemporary classical music, the ensemble performed Sounds from the Treetops on Saturday evening. The program ended with the debut of their Arboretum composition. Entirely mesmerizing with each piece uniquely transcendent, the performance surprised with its interplay of complexity, delicacy, and power.

On Sunday, Ensemble Evolution with clarinetist Angela Shankar guided kids and their adult companions in creating percussive music from natural elements. Divided into three instrumental groups, we made music from bark, the leaves and stalks of bamboo, and an assortment of nuts and seeds. Angela encouraged experimentation with intensity and subtlety, frequency, as well as simple and layered sounds. We ended the morning with a raucous celebration of our newly discovered percussive talents.

Each gave of themselves without restraint, revealing the passion that supports their profession. I am grateful to have witnessed such incredible talent.”