Aussie Tour Week 1

18 Mar 2012

The past 8 days have been a whirlwind of performing, presenting, traveling, setting up, tearing down, and everything in between. Thanks to Peter Neville at Melbourne Conservatory, the You Are Here Festival in Canberra, Serial Space in Sydney, and Daryl Pratt at the Sydney Conservatory for hosting us, and everyone who came out to listen for supporting us! Each concert and presention was unique and exciting! We are now equally excited to spend the next 5 days in Canberra with Gary France and the students at The Australian National University. We’ll be giving a series of improvistion seminars, along with individual clinics and masterclasses. Our final performance will be held at 12:30 in Llewellyn Hall at the ANU School of Music (more info:

Also, check out this video from our performance in the You Are Here Festival at the Canberra Museum and Gallery:

Gunpowder Temple of Heaven from You Are Here on Vimeo.