gettin' in the groove

06 Dec 2010

Jake, Charles and I are all back in Piteå and have finally over come the horrible jet-lag that we all experienced when returning from the US. It usually takes a few days, but considering there are only a few hours of “daylight”, it’s even more difficult to figure out when and when not to sleep!

We are spending today in the concert hall doing some educational recordings…meaning that we are exploring new ideas and learning how to really play as a cohesive group. We (mostly Charles) set up some mics and are listening back to the pieces and improvisations directly. And let me tell you…there is never a dull moment! It’s amazing to create music (good and sometimes not good, and that’s when the learning takes place!) and have such a good time doing so!

Each of us have written a piece for EE, and we are also experimenting with those. Anders comes up from Stockholm on Wednesday and we’ll get some great advice, I’m sure! Our focus right now is to get our program set, organize the festival, apply to and arrange some other concerts and get some good recordings under our belt.

Pictures to come…